About MCC

At Manton Christian Camp, we host a full summer of fun activities and life-changing experiences for campers of all ages! During our non-summer months, we host the same experiences through retreats, conferences, and other ministry venues.

Our camp is an alcohol, smoke, and drug free campground.

Our Beliefs

Glorify God Through Christian Camping

We believe it's important for all Christians to undergo times of reflection in their lives away from busy day to day living and connect with other Christians. We host a number of events to provide all Christians with this opportunity, and it is our hope that you will utilize these resources to help in your growth with Christ.

We Believe in God and Lord Jesus as our Savior

As a Christian, we believe in our local churches as an opportunity to practice our faith, truth, and grace. We're committed to the ministry among the poor. We try to speak the "good news" with words and emotion so that people who aren't religious can hear and say "yes." We accept everybody! It doesn't matter what your past, present, or future- Jesus loves us all and heals us all.



Camp Board Chairman: Gary Nicholson